Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

Hire a Professional Photographer: The Results Will Be Striking

One of the most important components of your website is the images. Think about it from this perspective: if you landed on a webpage and it was nothing but text, would you really want to stay there and just read words? Probably not! A page visitor is more likely to stay on your site if there are dynamic images. Even if you have the same amount of text without images, it will still make viewers feel like there is less text. It also will display what you do. With images being important, the way they look can also determine what people think of your website/business. Hiring a professional photographer can take the images on your website from sub par to amazing! Here’s 5 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer:

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1. Top of the Line Equipment

Our natural inclination when taking photos is to say, “I can do it.” We pull out our smart phones and fire away. It’s right there in our pocket, easy to access, we get it! Like we’ve said before, smart phone photos are getting better, but it still can’t compete with DSLR (Adrian: Can DSLR be explained in human terms?) technology. DSLR is the abbreviation for Digital Single Lens Reflex, this technology allows the photographer to have complete control of the camera and helps provide the highest quality images with precision. Chances are, if you hire a professional, they aren’t going to show up with their iPhone and ask what you need. Most professionals come ready with a DSLR camera and high-quality lenses. With this set up, you’re guaranteed to get great photos!


2. Higher Quality Images

With better equipment comes higher quality images. The most basic DSLR cameras are packing at least a 24 MP resolution and go as high as 50.6 megapixels. While your smartphone is capable of capturing an image at 72dpi (resolution needed for web) there are still so many limitations with settings. A professional knows how to use their camera. They can look at the environment they are shooting in and from there determine where to set the settings on the camera to ensure an almost perfect shot. This will make for images that are more pleasing to the eye. iPhone photos can often look grainy.

3. It’s All In The Editing Process

The photographer’s job does not end when they’ve captured your perfect image. No matter how perfect the image, the added layer of editing is oftentimes a must whether you are in need of fashion, product, business or lifestyle images. Having a professional editor can make or break your photograph. When hiring, be sure you select a photographer who’s editing style coincides with the style of your business. The editing software a professional has access to can provide far more advanced images than the editing you can do on your smartphone or the built-in app on your computer. A professional’s “touch” can bring a photo to life.

4. A Professional Photographer Knows What Works

A professional photographer knows if an idea you have will work or not. Oftentimes, we can think something will look good in a photo, but in reality it ends up looking awkward or out of place. A professional photographer will collaborate with you and be honest about what will work and what won’t. They will ensure your vision comes to life. They will provide ideas you may not have envisioned. They will think and consider all of the elements surrounding your vision and bring it to the next level. All it takes is communicating with your photographer about what you want and they will know what to shoot to make your website look the best it can be!


5. Professionals Have a Trained Eye

Professional photographers have a creative eye that others don’t. Most have the ability to see different angles that the average person may not consider when taking a photo. If you hire a professional photographer for your website, they will be able to produce images that will showcase your business from the best possible angle and perspective. Knowing how to capture images from different perspectives can make the photography on your website look far superior to your competition.

Hire a Professional Photographer!

If you’re in need of professional quality photos for your website, contact Noble House Media Group. Adrian is our in-house photographer and has a passion for bringing your story to life in pictures. You can contact Adrian at www.noblehousemedia.com

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