The World of Full Funnel Marketing Agencies

Have you heard of Full Funnel Marketing Agencies? They’re getting a lot of positive buzz and for good reason. They have the ability to optimize revenue and leads for their clients with an outstanding success rate. 

To understand Funnel Marketing Agencies, you first need to know what Funnel Marketing is. Though it might sound daunting, (“full funnel marketing”, gasp!) we’ve broken it down so you can have all the facts. 

What is Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing is a concept and approach to reaching and converting your target audience.

It’s a process of taking someone who doesn’t know who your product or service is and nurturing and interacting with them through a series of marketing strategies until they convert to customers or clients. 

The model is funnel-shaped because, at each stage of customer interactions, there will be fewer people. However, have no fear, while there will be fewer leads, they will be higher quality with more potential to convert. 

How does it work?

Let’s run through an example. If you’re a business selling product X as a full-funnel marketing agency, Noble House Media will first develop your funnel strategy. 

A strategy will consist of the different methods of outreach that will be used to first contact your audience. You may use email marketing, organic social media and Google ads. All of this needs to be meticulously planned out so that the correct tracking and remarketing mechanisms are put into place. 

After a plan is established it’s time to execute. First ads, emails etc. are sent out to spread awareness about Product X. This is referred to as the top of the funnel. 

Then using remarketing through a Facebook pixel, or an email drip campaign, we pursue people who have demonstrated interest by visiting your website or dedicated landing page. This begins the consideration stage.

Here, only the highest potential leads are converted with targeted promotions or specially crafted messages. 

So let’s dive into the three stages of full funnel marketing: Awareness, consideration, and conversion. 

The Three Stages of Full Funnel Marketing
  1. Awareness is the first stage of the full funnel marketing strategy. The goal is to increase your brand awareness and product recall with your target audience. At this stage we aim to educate the audience about the product or service making it relevant to their lives. Strategies in this stage could include informational videos, SEO optimization, and social media ads and organic campaigns.
  2. Consideration is the next stage. In this phase, you will have fewer people in your funnel, but the ones remaining already know about your products/brand and are considering your product or services. This stage is critical! Your marketing team treats these leads with white gloves because we want to keep them moving down the funnel. So a question that is asked is, what does the potential customer need to see to convert? Do they need a nudge with a few more emails, do they need a special offer, etc.
  3. Conversions come last, but are the most exciting. At this point the marketing is designed to increase the likeliness of a conversion through the most aggressive or persuasive call to actions, and motivate them to complete an action such as an online sale. Examples of strategies in this would include loyalty programs, follow up emails, or seasonal promotions.

Remarketing is an integral part of the conversion stage as well. This includes using targeted ads to people who have already used or interacted with the sight. It is your second chance to retain customers and sell to them. In the technical sense, it means using a series of codes called javascripts (or pixels) to place a cookie in a user’s browser and create a targeted ad campaign.

Through remarketing and the whole full funnel process, a full funnel marketing agency can continuously engage with customers and build a loyal base. 

What are the advantages?

The advantages reaped from a full funnel marketing agency are beneficial to any business.

They Are Adaptable.

One word that comes to mind is adaptability. With this model, a full funnel marketing agency has data and conversion numbers for each stage of the process. They can see what areas are falling short and what areas are gaining traction, gauging your strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to adapt your marketing strategy and allocate resources to the right area. 

Analytics Are Transparent

With their analytics, a full funnel marketing agency can see that Instagram is getting more traction than general searches on internet, and restructure the marketing campaign to optimize the views on Instagram and improve your overall brand awareness on the internet. 

It also brings clarity to your business. You can see what is working on each stage and what is driving revenue. This helps you run your business smoothly and understand your nuances more. 

Your Business Becomes More Efficient

Full funnel marketing agencies make your business more efficient. If you have a new product, you can launch it in a quicker time frame because a full funnel marketing agency will already know the best target audience for you to interact with, and how to get your product in front of them. 

This is more cost-effective for your business. A full funnel marketing agency will ensure you are no longer wasting money on outlets that just aren’t giving you a high return of interest. Everyone’s budget is limited, so you need to ensure your money is allocated in the best way possible. 

Also, your probability of success will increase. Instead of mass marketing to a random group of 100 and getting only 2% response, you can reach out to a loyal group of 100 and receive an 80% response. 

Finally, with its use of digital metrics and techniques, full funnel marketing agencies are meant for the new modern age. They are here to stay and work with the new burgeoning facet of marketing. 

Full funnel marketing agencies are perfect for any type of business. An online store and even a brick and mortar store can use a full funnel agency to suit their needs and expand. 

Noble House Media are the experts when it comes to giving you the best full funnel marketing experience. They’ve worked with countless clients to help them along the funnel and give them high ROI. 

Haley Harckham – Noble House Media

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