The Simple Tweak that Increases Online Traffic

There are lots of ways to increase traffic to your website, and not all of them are easy. SEO services, social media management, funnel marketing, and pay per click advertising all take significant investments of time, money, or both.

But here, let’s talk about one way to improve traffic without a significant up-front investment. Combined with some of those strategies I just mentioned, this could give you a significant boost.

So, what’s this simple tweak? Customer reviews. Reviews are important for several reasons. First, they give your business legitimacy. Consumers and other businesses are more likely to trust you or your product if they see that someone else has had a good experience with it. These days, almost every online shopper or consumer looks at feedback or reviews before spending a dime. Having few or no reviews can cost you valuable business.

What’s more, reviews give you a valuable opportunity to interact with your customers. If a customer leaves a negative review, that’s an opportunity to apologize for their bad experience and win them back. For customers leaving positive reviews, it’s an opportunity to thank them again and tell them how much you appreciate their business. If that’s not enough of a reason, increasing your number of customer reviews across many platforms can improve your website’s SEO, giving you a higher rank on certain Google search results pages.

Combining the effect of all these factors, it’s not surprising that one study found that an increase of one star in Google’s business ratings can lead to a 7% increase in revenue. For businesses who don’t yet have any customer reviews, this is a slam dunk.

But how do you improve customer reviews? It’s easier than you might think — simply ask your customers or clients! When someone is satisfied with your business, they are often more than happy to leave a positive review — just look at the number of reviews on for some businesses on Amazon or Google. 

Noble House can help you create an email marketing blast to your list of current customers or clients, asking them to take a minute or two to leave some feedback on Google. You’re more likely to get positive feedback if you mention how important it is to your business to hear from customers or clients. Above all, of course, it’s important that you thank them again for their business. A blast to your customers might only result in a handful of reviews — but that’s okay! Even just a few positive customer reviews can be a significant catalyst for your business, and you have to start somewhere.

For help with getting people to review your business, or simply to talk about it online, give the reputation management software experts at Noble House a call. We’re always ready and excited to find new ways to help you succeed.

Jackson Kushner – Noble House Media Group

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