Social Media Management – Staying Current

Social media management is the process of maintaining social media accounts. When you work with a social media manager they’ll handle all the aspects of your organic social and paid social media.

One of the most important jobs required of a social media manager is staying up to date with changes that occur on social networks… and they’re happening all the time! Each day the various social media platforms are updating, introducing new features, or experiencing their own trends.

So how can you stay in the know with social media? The easiest way is to touch base with your social media manager. They should be able to fill you in on the latest trends and updates on the platforms you use. The next best thing is to hop on the apps yourself. We put together three key things to look out for to help you stay up to date with your social media. 

Content Trends

Trends are everything on social media! While your unique presence is a must it is also essential to leverage trends to increase your brand’s reach. So how do you know what’s trending? Get scrolling! To know what’s popular you need to follow influencers in and outside your industry and observe what type of content is doing well and getting repeated.

Know Your Industry 

For your business’s purpose there are two types of trends to look out for. First are industry specific trends, the second are general trends. An example of an industry-specific trend might be posting Laptop Reviews for Tech Stores, while a general trend would be posting a popular meme format that’s been tailored to your brand’s mission. 

Follow the #Hashtags 

An easy way to stay aware of what’s popular is to see which hashtags are trending. Take a look on Twitter and see which hashtags are getting posted frequently. Or hop on Facebook or Instagram and search hashtags you think could be a good fit to see how many people are posting the same ones. Using popular hashtags will increase the likelihood of your accounts being discovered and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. 

Staying on top of social media takes time and attention. But the more you try the better you get.

Haley Harckham – Noble House Media

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