Web Design & Development

Website Design & Development

A strong website is the central pillar of your business. Even with the best email marketing, social media management, and SEO services in the world, you won’t impress clients or customers without strong web design, custom graphics, and high quality content.

That’s where Noble House comes in. We have a talented team of web designers, UI/UX experts, web developers, and digital content writers who will work directly with you to make your new site look original, clean, and professional. All our websites are mobile-responsive, so they are compatible with any operating system, and they look great on screens of any size.

Easy to Use Content Management Systems

Many clients ask us to integrate a content management system (CMS) so that they can edit content on their site without any coding skills. A CMS is a powerful tool that allows you to do everything from changing text and pictures to creating new blog posts without any technical expertise. We specialize in out of the box Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Estrada, Xoops, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, LightCMS and more. For clients who need more customized features in their CMS, we can also build a custom system with more advanced, powerful features.

CMS systems can help you:

  • Integrate your social media accounts and email marketing
  • Manage your media, contacts, and content
  • Alter your menus and navigation bars
  • Improve onsite SEO
  • Create your own page layout, including contact and survey forms, blog posts, and more
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How important is a mobile-friendly website?

Crucial! The vast majority (75%+) of visitors will be using their mobile phones, and if your website is not mobile friendly, people will quickly leave your website. This affects your SEO score, meaning that the chance of people being able to find your website organically in the future will decline.

Why do I need both a domain and hosting?

You can think of your website like a house. It needs a domain (street address) which acts as a unique identifier. This domain needs to be registered annually (and you can usually set up automatic payments for this). The house also needs somewhere it can be accessed, like a plot of land. (That’s the host). Without a host + domain, your website domain won’t be able to go “live”. Ready to get your new domain? Register a new domain here!

Can my existing domain name still be used after a redesign?

Absolutely! Provided you have retained access and payments for your domain, it will be no problem to update the website. Almost like renovating a house, except this takes place almost instantly.

Does a website lead to more sales?

A website serves as a funnel which is able to convert casual visitors into paying customers. Websites are able to harvest vast amounts of data from your visitors, such as what pages they visited, how long they stayed there, and what devices they used when looking through. By monitoring this data, you can make changes that optimize performance, and ultimately lead to increased sales happening through your website.

What is website hosting? Do I need it?

Website Hosting is how your website pages and files remain always accessible online. You can think of it like a parcel of land (host) that your home (website) sits on. A home without a piece of land to be accessible on just doesn't work.

Should I incorporate ecommerce into my website?

This depends on what your goals are for the website. If you're looking to be able to replace or supplement existing retail, E-Commerce is the way to go. If you're looking to receive donations through your website, E-Commerce is the way to go. If you won't need customers to provide payment details through your website, you need not worry.

What is a responsive or mobile friendly website?

A responsive website is one that changes based on the screen size of the device. Whether it's your tablet, desktop or mobile, the website's layout will be perfect. A mobile friendly site, however, functions the same way regardless of the device (putting priority on mobile usability).

Will my website require ongoing work/up-keep on my end?

Websites should be constantly updated to make sure they remain secure, stay ahead of industry trends, and look better than the competition's. We empower our clients to update their websites independently, but also offer comprehensive maintenance options.

What is a call to action?

A CTA is a design choice which prompts action from your website visitor. A classic example is a button which says "Buy Now" or "Learn More".

How often should I be updating my website?

Large scale updates should be made every 3-4 years. Much like a car, it really starts to show its age after a few years, and there will be so many advancements made to the industry in the meantime. Smaller updates should be made regularly (weekly) - the more engaging your website is, the better it is for your visitors, and for SEO. Consider keeping up to date with regular blog postings!

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