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Social Media Marketing is one of the primary channels for businesses to interact with clients and customers. A strong social media presence can also provide SEO benefits, improve credibility in your industry, and promote your business without spending your ad budget.

That’s why many of our clients rely on us for social media management across a number of platforms. Our instagram account managers, for example, create rich content calendars to detail every post for an entire month, so that you can approve the text and custom graphics. We’ll apply this same process to every platform, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Custom Graphics & Text on Every Post

A great social media post is disruptive; it catches your attention because it looks different from the rest of your feed. That’s why it’s so important to use custom graphics and well-written text in each post. We know you don’t have the time to create a professional looking post, so we’ll do it for you. From the visuals to the text, our team of social media management experts covers it all.

The Importance of Word of Mouth

These days, word of mouth goes beyond water cooler conversations. Today’s word of mouth comes in the form of tweets, hashtags, and viral videos. Most consumers decide which products to purchase based at least partially on their engagement with companies on social media. Our unique approach engages, motivates, and improves the customer experience so that they’re more likely to choose your business.

We’ll build a social media management strategy that encourages your followers to spread the word about your amazing business. Whether you have five followers or five million, our instagram account managers and social media experts will help you open doors you never thought possible.

Phase 1: Social Audit & Discovery

Our first step is to know your business, products, and services. We’ll run a comprehensive audit of your current social media accounts, if you have any, and establish goals for a highly targeted social media campaign.

Next, we’ll identify both your target audience and your competition. Are you targeting promotional marketing to women? Men? Millennials? Baby boomers? Who are your primary competitors? Are there any online competitors you didn’t know about? Once we gather all this data, we’ll move to Phase 2.

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Phase 2: Strategy

Our experts will develop a detailed and tailored social media management strategy to fit your needs and budget. We’ll create separate posts for each social media platform, optimizing for particular demographics, interests, and more on each one.

As always, we’ll customize your solution so that it fits your business, and we’ll never recommend something unless we think it will maximize your ROI.

Phase 3: Implementation

We’ll create detailed content calendars so that you can approve all text, images, and custom graphics before they go up. Once you’ve given feedback and signed off, we’ll follow a strict posting schedule to make sure your posts go up at the right time, maximizing visibility and engagement. For local businesses, we can even use more advanced strategies, such as geotargeting and geofencing, to drive consumers to your website via social media.

If this campaign is successful, it will grow your social media presence, increase consumer engagement, and lead to more conversions.

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Phase 4: Analytics & Reporting

We’ll measure your account’s performance and give you detailed reports to track consumer engagement. These reports allow us to tailor and improve our social media campaigns, further increasing your social media presence.

We’ll communicate with you at every step of this process so that you know exactly what’s going on with all your accounts.

Let’s start your project.

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