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Even though SEO is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, it is often overlooked because many business owners don’t understand it. If you’re not sure what SEO is, that’s okay! Check out our blog to learn more about what SEO is and how it works.

Briefly, SEO, or search engine optimization, is an organic way to grow your online presence by posting high quality content both on your website and elsewhere. The more content you have that contains particular keywords, the more likely you are to appear when someone searches for that keyword on Google. Unlike pay per click marketing, SEO is considered an organic way to drive traffic to your site. That means you won’t pay Google a dime; the costs associated with SEO go toward writing and posting content.

It’s important to remember that good SEO takes significant time and effort. That’s why we like to remind customers what to expect when they hire us for SEO services.

What you’ll get:

High quality, original digital content every week. Content always contains two things: keywords and a link to your website. Over time, this improves your domain authority, and a higher domain authority will help your page rank higher on search engine results pages.

Business directory listings. We’ll make sure your business is listed, with up-to-date information, on every business listing site we can find, both local and national. This helps your website get noticed both by Google and by potential customers or clients.

New landing pages for your website. These pages will be keyword-specific, designed to drive traffic to your site when people search for those keywords on Google.

Monthly reports. We’ll always let you know how your SEO is going by showing you how your site is ranking on results pages, and also how many people are viewing those results pages. SEO is a dynamic process, and that means we’re always adapting our strategy based on the results we’re seeing.

What you won’t get:

Immediate results. The only drawback with SEO is that it takes a significant amount of time and effort to see results. We typically tell clients not to expect significant results for about 60 to 90 days. Of course this timeline can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors, such as the current state of your website and the difficulty of the selected keywords. Still, remember that once your website starts ranking on a certain page, your site will get a lot more attention from potential customers or clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SEO?

SEO is part of a digital marketing strategy which focuses on optimizing a website to increase its visibility to search engines (such as Google), and bring an increase in the quality and quantity of visitor traffic. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement. In a few words, SEO is the service that get's your website to show up organically on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines.

What determines search engine rankings?

There are a large number of variables to consider here. Google alone makes over 3000 algorithm adjustments a year which can influence website rankings. The most important factors are a secure, accessible and well-built website, quick page speed (on mobile and desktop), mobile friendliness, your domain authority, high quality and optimized content, great technical SEO, a wonderful UX, as well as internal and external links to and from your site.

Why is SEO important?

The first five organic results account for 67% of all click-throughs on Google. 75% of searchers won't go to page 2 of the Search Engine Results Page. This means that if you aren't at the top of page one organically for the product or service you provide, you are missing out tremendously.

What SEO tools do you use?

There are myriad free and paid tools out there that can help harvest vast amounts of data instantly and help inform our strategy. No one tool covers everything, and that's why we use a variety to create a recipe that's right just for you.

How does SEO work?

SEO works by creating content of high quality and authority, with keywords that you select, and posting these on either your website or 3rd party websites to offer positive google search results for users looking up those keywords. For example, we would create articles with the keyword "dentist in Stamford CT" to create buzz for anyone searching for a dentistry in Stamford, Connecticut.

How long does it take to see results?

It takes time for search engines to index the changes which are being made to your website. SEO does not have the immediate impact that paid advertising does, but in the long run it certainly pays off! usually you can expect to see results in the first 3-6 months of the campaign. Google also makes over 3000 algorithm changes a year. These can affect your website's ranking, and so you may see progress occur in a "two steps forward, one step back" approach.

Do I need a blog?

Blogs are a great way to indirectly interact with new and old customers and to create a personable touch to any website. Blogs are also a great way to attract website traffic, especially with an authoritative and accurate blog post.

What is an SEO Audit?

This is a vital benchmarketing evaluation to determine where you website stands today (both offsite and onsite) and what needs to change to make it better. We'll look at metadata, backlinks, technical elements, ranking keywords and existing content. Based on what we find here, we'll be able to determine the best strategy moving forward in order to have your website rank for more high quality keywords.

How often do I need to publish blog posts or create new content?

This one all depends on you and your business. Typically, we recommend one blog a month for basic SEO, but some of our clients we're writing 2-3 500+ word articles for them a month.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is SEO tied more closely to geography. When someone types "service + location" or "product near me", Search Engines know that the user is looking for something that's in that area. You need to ensure that your website is able to rank for pertinent local searches.

What kind of content boosts SEO?

We find that full on blog postings help the most for SEO. One quality article every month is better than five short posts. However a combination of both can sometimes do the trick.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the ways that search engines are able to validate the authority of your website. You can think of them like “votes”. The more votes you have pointing to your website, the more popular it becomes!

What’s better, short or long-form content?

Long form content has been found to rank better with top SEO formats, however multiple short posts can also influence SEO in the right direction. We recommend long-form content, however short-form can be perfect depending on your budget.

How do I pick keywords?

Going off the previous dental example, you might pick keywords based upon common search terms that people would use to stumble upon your business, such as "teeth whitening in Stamford" or "pediatric dental procedures".

How do I get mentioned and linked to on other websites (backlinks)?

You can get backlinks by posting high quality on your website and organically sharing it with prominent, high domain authority websites in a bid to have them point back to your website.

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