Application Development

As we enter the 2020’s, we’re seeing a significant shift from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smartphones. This year, more emails will be opened on phones than on desktops and laptops combined. As businesses try to keep up with this trend, more and more are turning to mobile application development. The Noble House application development team has decades of combined experience with everything from simple informational apps to apps with fully integrated and customized ecommerce platforms.

The Essentials of Mobile Application Development

User Interface - The interface is the face of your app — what the user sees and interacts with whenever they use it. The Noble House web design team creates sleek, functional designs that give the user all the information they need while maintaining a minimalist style. Likewise, we use custom graphics to craft an intuitive display for any purpose.

User Experience - User experience refers to the journey users take through an app or website — the logical organization, placement of links and buttons, and so on. The most important feature of any user experience (or UX) is intuitiveness. Can the user figure out how to find the information they need quickly and effectively? Does the app’s layout make sense, or is it confusing? How well does the app perform each of its functions, and are some better than others? Noble House’s UX designers and copywriters work together to create an experience that leaves users wanting to come back and keep using the app.

Security - Noble House apps are available with any level of security measure. Some apps are purely informational and require only basic security measures such as a secure sockets layer (SSL). Others, such as apps displaying medical or financial information, require far more. We work with each client to design and implement unique security measures, keeping users safe.

Analytics - Noble House builds mobile apps with analytics features to track usage and provide invaluable feedback on every feature. With these analytics features, clients can see which parts of the app get the most use, which ones frustrate users, and how long users’ sessions last. We can use this feedback to improve the quality of the app in later versions.

App Store Placement - Once you have an application, you’ll want people to be able to download it and use it. We will place the app in the Apple, Android, and Microsoft app stores so that users on many different devices can have access.

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