Public Relations

The main goal of any good public relations, or PR, campaign is to build a brand’s reputation and engagement with its customers or clients. Businesses of all sizes seek public relations services for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is to improve brand recognition and loyalty among a target audience. Sometimes, companies or individuals will hire a PR firm for crisis mitigation to improve their reputation when things go wrong.

Brand Recognition & Loyalty

PR is a powerful way to build brand recognition and improve brand loyalty. Whether you have a well-established brand and you need to solidify your market share or you’re a startup and you need to educate the public about your product or service, we can help. The Noble House PR team has the connections and expertise to get you or your business on daytime TV shows or in leading publications and periodicals.

Since brand recognition is such an important part of any funnel marketing strategy, even a small article in a well-known publication or a short TV spot can deliver a significant ROI. Noble House develops a unique PR strategy for each client, identifying both strengths and potential weaknesses and identifying a target audience to maximize effectiveness. Our approach is data driven; we carefully research each PR project to make sure our clients get as much as possible out of their investment.

Crisis Mitigation & Reputation Management

Even for the best businesses in the world, things go wrong and mistakes happen. Sometimes, brands have to win back the loyalty of their customers, and a PR firm like Noble House can help. We use state of the art reputation management software to make sure the first page of Google search results has only positive accounts and customer reviews of yourself or your business. Noble House also carefully crafts web content and positioning statements to restore loyalty in brands and professionals. There is almost always a way to win back loyalty — and Noble House can find it.

You can also view our reputation management page to see more information on the reputation management process.

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