Product Placement

Noble House takes a comprehensive approach to product placement: wherever you want your product, we’ll get it there. For some clients, having a product on television and in movies and newspapers; for others, it simply means finally getting a product on grocery store shelves. For either purpose, the Noble House product placement team has developed the right connections over decades in the industry.

Television, Movies, and More

You’ve probably noticed the obvious examples of product placement in television and movies: Tom Cruise’ unforgettable Ray Bans in Top Gun, Will Smith lacing up a pair of Converse All Stars in i, Robot, Max Greenfield proclaiming his undying love for the Ford Fusion in New Girl.

You don’t have to be a huge brand like Ray Ban, Converse, or Ford to benefit from product placement. While movies and TV shows are excellent ways to promote established brands, new or smaller brands can grow recognition and engagement through daytime TV, newspapers, periodicals, and even professional panels and trade shows. Noble House combines influencer marketing and product placement with social media management to create a seamlessly integrated funnel marketing platform.


As important as it is to build brand recognition on screen and in publications, a vital part of product placement is building presence in major and minor retailers. Noble House works with local, regional, national, and international retailers to place products in stores and ecommerce websites. Whether you want to be in a local supermarket or on Amazon, our team will develop and execute a strategy to maximize efficiency of distribution and ROI.

The first step here is to determine the ideal placement for your product. Some products do better in small stores, others do better in large stores, and still others do better in ecommerce. Most often, our strategy combines these approaches to appeal to a broad range of consumers. Our strategic approach is driven not just by our clients’ goals, but by a careful and purposeful data gathering process. The Noble House team uses data and research to identify your target demographics and determine how they prefer to shop. Finally, we take advantage of our network of retail professionals to place your product exactly where it needs to go.

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