Product Development

Product Development

The product is the most important part of any startup or small business. All the digital marketing and website design in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a solid product to market. That’s why Noble House has a senior product development team to help clients turn their amazing ideas into amazing products. Our team has more than ten years of experience developing both digital and physical products for small startups, large chain retailers, and everything in between.

The Product Development Process

Step 1: Ideation - You can’t have a great product without a great idea. If you have one, we’ll provide feedback and notes to make it as profitable as possible. If you don’t have an idea, we’ll create one that fits your business model and can be scaled to reach thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of customers.

Step 2: Research - The Noble House marketing team will conduct research, focus testing, ad testing, and more to get feedback about the product from real consumers. That way we can hone our design and correct any flaws before going into production, saving our clients time and money.

Step 3: Design - Once we’ve acquired feedback, we move into the design phase. The Noble House design team focuses on making products that work, look, and feel great. We incorporate product branding, packaging, and even floor displays at this stage to ensure that the full design is consistent and on brand when the product goes to market.

Step 4: Prototyping - With a design in hand, the team creates a prototype and conducts additional consumer research. We finalize our design based on feedback.

Step 5: Sourcing & Manufacturing - Many businesses find sourcing and manufacturing to be the most difficult step; when products fail, they often fail here. But with the Noble House product development team, our clients can take advantage of long term relationships with materials suppliers and product both in the U.S. and abroad. We make sure to get the best materials and the highest quality manufacturing at the lowest cost, maximizing both profit margins and ROI.

Step 6: Distribution & Placement - The final step, of course, is distribution and placement. We coordinate with distributors and suppliers to find low shipping costs and leverage our retail relationships to place products on shelves across the country. See our distribution and supply or product placement pages for more information.

Digital Product Development

Sometimes, businesses require a digital product instead of a physical one. We provide consulting and product development on the digital side, too — from mobile applications to user portals and more, we design and build scalable systems to fit the client’s precise needs.

The Noble House development team has decades of experience building fully interactive user interfaces to display any information a client might want — everything from booking travel accommodations to viewing blood test results. If there is a new product that will help your company succeed, Noble House will develop the idea and work with you to build it to your exact specifications.

Let’s start your project.

    Client Stories

    We have almost tripled all numbers because of the Noble House team’s hard work. Switching companies is always difficult, but Peter and Gregg made it easy. They always explained the process in terms that we could grasp. quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Rachel Foster
    The Chamber couldn't be more pleased with the talent, service and dedication given by Team Noble House! We are a small non-profit but Noble House has treated us like a fortune 500 company. Their multi-talented, multi-service company has helped us improve and optimize our website and marketing approach including social media and branding. They truly care about our community and improving the quality of collaboration for everyone. They continually go above and beyond the call of duty and again, we are grateful for their depth of knowledge and talent, responsiveness and expertise!! I highly recommend Noble House Media!! quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Kesti Aysseh
    Darien Chamber of Commerce
    Peter and his team were instrumental in getting our website updated and customized. They also helped us get our email marketing program established. They are very responsive and we enjoy working with the entire group. quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Pamela Kushner
    HonorBound Foundation
    Both of my practices have increased the patient base since using Noble House. I like the fact that I have access to live analytics rather than made up reports that we used to get from previous companies. Highly recommended! quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Dr. Peter Maro
    Blue Wave Orthodontics
    Before I used Noble House, a large marketing company overcharged me for a bad website. Noble House is different. They always respond to my calls and emails. They built me a beautiful site and I couldn’t be happier! quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Megan Rose
    Events by Megan
    Loved working with them. Excellent customer service, quick response time to any and all questions, and an incredible body of work. I work with them and I’d refer them to anyone in a heartbeat. quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Laura St. John
    Laura St. John Photography