Email Marketing

We help our clients harness the power of email, delivering creative and insightful email marketing campaigns that achieve results.

Our email marketing services, expertise, and industry knowledge are second to none in the North American market. We are uniquely positioned to offer you our insights into building best practice email marketing programs for your business.

Email Design & Production

We design templates with custom graphics and write original text to give your emails a professional and legitimate feel. Every piece of the email design and production takes the client’s unique business needs and goals into account. That way our emails can more effectively generate new leads, convert more customers, and maximize return on investment.

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Email Sending & Analytics

An idea is only as good as its execution. That’s why we develop an intentional, highly targeted strategy for each client, and closely monitor analytics for each email. We’ll generate reports that show how many times your email was opened, how many people clicked on the links in your email, and ultimately, how many leads were converted through your email.

We can also execute custom nurture campaigns so that you can send particular emails based on whether someone on the list opened, clicked, or did nothing. We’ll make sure to design the perfect strategy for your business, working with you every step of the way.

Email List Growth

We can help you grow your email list exponentially — far beyond your internal marketing list. Best of all, we can categorize our carefully curated, opt-in lists by geographic location, profession, and much more. Investing in a high quality email list can separate you from the competition and push your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a service used to interact with your target audience directly through email. This is a quick, flexible and cost effective way of reaching new customers while engaging/retaining current customers. It also enables you to create very specific and targeted messages based on many rules and categories.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is not difficult. However, it is a process that involves quite a bit of testing and measuring of collected data in order to learn how to best communicate with your audience. You will need to select a platform that is built specifically for mass emailing (not a personal account - that will not work). You will also need a good email marketing strategy in place before sending any emails out. But still, the most important part is having a list of opt in recipients.

Is email marketing a good fit for my business?

Email marketing offers a very good return on investment (44:1!) It is relatively inexpensive, emails are quite easy to put together, you can reach (potential) customers in a very personable way by means of segmenting your list to target specific needs, and email marketing is very flexible. If you’re sending out coupons, surveys, promotions, or any other messages, you can do so without spending too much effort and time.

How do I find people to email?

Ideally you would send emails to your existing subscribers but you also have the option to lease the high quality email databases curated by Noble House Media and its partners. We offer both consumer and B2B highly curated lists.

How often should I send emails?

Depends on multiple factors such as: business type, seasonality, urgency, offers, etc. EX: A grocery store might have daily sales and if so, a daily email to their subscribers would not be intrusive. Also, segmentation of email lists is key to make sure people do not get unwanted emails - it helps reduce unsubscribe rates.

How do I get people to view my email?

First: Inbox Delivery. Then? Subject line - Subject line - Subject line. It's all about using the right subject line to get your contacts to open up your email. The ideal length of your subject line should be anywhere from 6-8 words. Also, try personalizing your subject line by including the contact’s first name. People pay more attention when they see their name. Be very strategic of how often and when you send your emails. About 2 emails per week is plenty. Include more than one topic in your subject line. For example: “How to stay in shape: Strengthen your heart by regular cardio exercising”. A/B testing is a great way to test multiple subject lines and creative content.

Is email marketing effective?

Absolutely yes if done right. Email marketing continues to be one of the simplest, yet most effective methods for marketing your business. Top 4 benefits are: 1) Emails are targeted by using segmented lists, demographics, locations, and specific interests of your customers. 2) Increased Brand Awareness - You are exposing your business to potential customers. You may not always see instant sales right away unless you are Amazon or Ebay, but over time your brand will stay in the minds of consumers from repeated messaging. When a consumer does need your product or service, they will remember your messaging and likely reach out. 3) Measurability - Email marketing contains valuable metrics such as open rates, click rates and bounce rates. By analyzing these metrics, you will gain insightful knowledge about your customers behaviors and interests, thus allowing you to see what content your customers are responding to and not responding to. 4) Cost Effective - With traditional printed materials to market your business, email marketing does not require the added expenses such as postage, printing of mailers/ads, or any of the traditional marketing materials.

Do I need an email newsletter?

If you own a website and have people coming to it and reading your content, it’s a good idea to have an opt-in subscription form so that those users can subscribe to a newsletter. If you don’t you would be missing out on a valuable opportunity to stay in touch with your audience (engagement) while at the same time, growing your email list. Remember, email lists are gold!

How do I get people to interact with my email?

A good email starts with a good subject line. Inboxes are flooded with emails now more than ever. The subject line then should be short, catchy, and descriptive. Including a coupon code or an emoji can also make your subject line stand out amongst the rest.

Create dynamic and engaging content. When creating an email campaign you want to be sure that the content is relevant, relates to your brand's messaging, and that it includes the interest of your subscribers and what they are expecting. Creating an email newsletter is a good example of a) creating a story b) including news c) highlighting satisfied customers (profiles) etc.

Personalization - Try adding a merge field by using FIRSTNAME in your subject line or in the beginning of your email such as ""Dear FIRSTNAME"". This will automatically include the first name from your list. Of course you want to be sure that you have this field on your contact list. Subscribers like to feel as though you know who they are.

Make sure you have well designed/optimized email templates. If an email is confusing, difficult to read/follow, not mobile friendly, etc. then your end user experience will also be affected. This will result in your customers no longer engaging with you. Make sure to use short content blocks with call-to-actions that direct the subscribers to your website and or social media channels/posts.

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    Client Stories

    We have almost tripled all numbers because of the Noble House team’s hard work. Switching companies is always difficult, but Peter and Gregg made it easy. They always explained the process in terms that we could grasp. quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Rachel Foster
    The Chamber couldn't be more pleased with the talent, service and dedication given by Team Noble House! We are a small non-profit but Noble House has treated us like a fortune 500 company. Their multi-talented, multi-service company has helped us improve and optimize our website and marketing approach including social media and branding. They truly care about our community and improving the quality of collaboration for everyone. They continually go above and beyond the call of duty and again, we are grateful for their depth of knowledge and talent, responsiveness and expertise!! I highly recommend Noble House Media!! quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Kesti Aysseh
    Darien Chamber of Commerce
    Peter and his team were instrumental in getting our website updated and customized. They also helped us get our email marketing program established. They are very responsive and we enjoy working with the entire group. quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Pamela Kushner
    HonorBound Foundation
    Both of my practices have increased the patient base since using Noble House. I like the fact that I have access to live analytics rather than made up reports that we used to get from previous companies. Highly recommended! quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Dr. Peter Maro
    Blue Wave Orthodontics
    Before I used Noble House, a large marketing company overcharged me for a bad website. Noble House is different. They always respond to my calls and emails. They built me a beautiful site and I couldn’t be happier! quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Megan Rose
    Events by Megan
    Loved working with them. Excellent customer service, quick response time to any and all questions, and an incredible body of work. I work with them and I’d refer them to anyone in a heartbeat. quote top quote bottom
    Noble House client
    Laura St. John
    Laura St. John Photography