A strong, consistent brand is the cornerstone of any business. Your brand is what makes customers, clients, peers, and even competitors recognize you. A good brand is more than just a logo and a color scheme, although these are certainly important. Your brand should govern everything your company puts out, from your website, social media posts, and pay per click advertisements to your product and packaging. Even business cards and letterhead should conform to pre-specified business branding guidelines.

Our Branding Process

The first step in creating a unique brand that will set you apart from the competition is a workshop. The Noble House team sits down with clients to outline goals, key messaging points, and customer or client personas. We then use this information to create a style board — a visual representation designed to be a basis for graphic design. For example, here’s a style board we created for Leafy, a company that produces and sells environmentally friendly, food grade cleaners and lubricants:

Artboard 1 copy 9@2x 1

Once the client approves the style board, we begin producing comprehensive brand guidelines. Brand guidelines cover how and when to use the logo, the precise colors associated with the brand, the proper fonts and sizes, and even the proper style for copywriting. We work closely with clients to get every detail exactly right, because brand guidelines are vitally important; they determine how the business will be represented.

The final step in business branding is to produce assets: png files of the logo, business card and letterhead designs, packaging designs, and so on. At this point in the process, the client has a strong, recognizable brand that they can use for years to come.

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