Business Branding

Noble House created unique logo design ideas, custom graphics, and brand guidelines so that consumers can instantly and always recognize K9Dentist.

Influencer and Affinity Marketing

Noble House organically secured unpaid celebrity endorsements to help bolster the product’s successful launch, and took other steps to establish K9Dentist as a recognized and trustworthy brand. Noble House also secured collaborative partnerships with local charities on behalf of K9Dentist.

Product Design and Development

Noble House consulted for K9Dentist during each stage of product design and development. Noble House aided in developing and executing the product vision, conducting product research, exploring user analysis, designing and testing the kit, developing the products and packaging, and establishing manufacturing and shipping logistics.

ECommerce Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Close collaboration with the K9Dentist team brought about a successful transition from website design and architecture to a fully functional site. K9dentist.com has a fully integrated, fully customized ecommerce platform designed to track inventory and grow exponentially with the business. Continued maintenance ensures that the website remains secure, speedy and up to date with the latest industry standards.

Local Claiming

Noble House ensured that K9Dentist was listed in over 100+ business listings with accurate, up-to-date information so their website appears first in local Google searches.

Social Media Management

Noble House created monthly content calendars (with carefully crafted messaging, custom graphics and original design animations and videos) to be approved in advance by the K9Dentist team. With frequent posting across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Noble House has successfully generated buzz in both in advance of and following the product launch.

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Fed up with the exorbitant bills from the vet’s office, orthodontist Dr. Peter Maro designed a solution to make canine dental care easy and affordable. K9 Dentist kits include all the tools you need to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and happy for life, without the expensive cleanings from your vet’s office.

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