Noble House developed a new brand, including a logo, color scheme, and style guide, to launch HonorBound’s new name and image. Comprehensive standards were established to govern all interactions with donors, social workers, and veterans.

Website Design & Development

HonorBound worked closely with the Noble House team, who designed and developed a completely new website with custom graphics, compelling copy, and intuitive UI. The website is designed to appeal to high-end donors who care about veterans’ issues.

Reputation Management

A series of press releases, articles, and media appearances was carefully designed to improve HonorBound’s standing in the community. With careful planning from Noble House, the HonorBound team participated in and planned community events and fundraisers in North America.

Email Marketing

Noble House designed an email campaign to drive traffic to HonorBound’s online donations page. Emails were sent at regular intervals to attract new benefactors and turn one-time donors into recurring donors. Noble House helped the HonorBound donor outreach team build and maintain a cloud-based database to track donation trends.

Direct Mail Marketing

Like many charities, HonorBound had previously used direct mail to market to potential donors, but previous results were inconsistent. Noble House updated all direct mail materials to reflect the new brand. The Noble House content team worked closely with HonorBound to produce a compelling message to drive mail and car donations.

Social Media Management

With detailed content calendars and custom copy, Noble House built HonorBound’s social media engagement, which helped improve their reputation in the community and build their pool of donors. Noble House also manages HonorBound’s scheduled events through Facebook, making sure the word is out to all followers.

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Veterans and their families turn to HonorBound for food, utilities, medical bills, security deposits, and other urgent needs. They help veterans get back on track and find stability in their civilian lives, whether that’s at their job, in school, or simply with their family. HonorBound leverages established partnerships with caseworkers and social workers in the VA and other organizations to reach struggling veterans across the country. To date they have assisted over 22,000 veterans, and they strive to do more every day.

As a small organization looking to grow and bring its fundraising efforts in-house, HonorBound needed to rebrand, expand its marketing practices, and build a reliable base of donors. The vast majority of cash donations were under $20, so HonorBound was seeking larger donations to build a more sustainable model. In addition, as HonorBound rebranded, they were looking to improve their public perception and develop a positive reputation in their community.

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