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Noble House designed, curated and developed a simple yet strong brand for Golf Simple, complete with a custom logo and color scheme, and brand guidelines to be used across all digital platforms.

Ecommerce Website Development

Golf Simple’s innovative product required an equally innovative ecommerce website. Noble House built a fully customized ecommerce platform, designed to scale larger as Golf Simple grows.

Social Media Management

With the help of Noble House, Golf Simple has built a strong social media presence with thousands of followers across all major platforms. The strategy was to post helpful snippets of the Golf Simple instructional videos to give users a taste of the Golf Simple product.


As a small startup that can do business anywhere in the country, Golf Simple was a perfect candidate for very long tail keywords. This minimized the amount of time it took for to start ranking on search engine results pages.

Email Marketing

E-blasts sent before the holidays resulted in a noticeable spike in ecommerce sales. Email marketing focused on pitching Golf Simple as an easy-to-use, inexpensive system that could replace far more expensive lessons and clinics. Emails also pushed Golf Simple as an excellent choice for those seeking golf gifts for their loved ones.

Photography & Animation

The Golf Simple kit is well-packaged and sleek, making it the perfect candidate for photography and animation. Noble House created an animation with custom graphics to display everything that comes with the kit.

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Golf Simple is an innovative new way to improve your golf game without paying a fortune for private lessons. Founder Caleb Marsh combines professional quality instructional videos with golf tips and tools for players of any skill level.

In a market saturated with free golf tips and tricks for beginners, the primary challenge was to take this new idea and cement it as the way to attain the perfect golf swing. As a startup, Golf Simple was starting from square one: no website, social media presence, or product photography; no way to effectively track and qualify all incoming leads. They wanted to launch an aggressive campaign in time for the holidays.

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