The most valuable asset for A Royal Flush is digital content; this is one of several areas in which they clearly and consistently outperform competitors. Noble House produced high-quality, original content both for the website and for offsite promotions. Individual pieces ranged in length from about 35 words up to almost 1,000 words. It also ranged in topic, including articles about renting luxury restroom trailers for weddings as well as standard porta potties for work sites — and everything in between.


Noble House worked with A Royal Flush to research keywords that could promote the product to a wide audience without sacrificing efficiency. Research revealed that a two-pronged approach — marketing both to people hosting events and to businesses running work sites — would be most effective. SEO was implemented for both B2B and B2C purposes.

Website Design, Development, & Maintenance

A custom WordPress website, hosted and maintained on our secure servers, has proven effective for improving sales and driving new business. Noble House developed an intuitive and compelling user experience to guide potential customers through the site and ultimately increase conversions - from new visitors to new customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Since A Royal Flush competes in such a specific industry within a particular region, it was important that ads were targeted with great precision. Noble House’s team consistently evaluated their online advertising strategy to ensure they have secured the most effective strategy, with the best keywords and targeted locations.

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A Royal Flush is the leading supplier of portable restrooms in the northeast. Growing rapidly in a crowded market, A Royal Flush has produced a superior product at a competitive price. They offer everything from standard porta potties to full service portable restrooms with furnished interiors.

With several high-profile competitors in the region, the main challenge for A Royal Flush was to take a regular “porta potty” company and help turn it into the recognized brand synonymous with an excellent product. Overcoming competitively priced competition with superior quality and service was the goal.

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