Noble House Creative Group / Valpak to bring jobs to Connecticut

DARIEN, Conn.Nov. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In light of Connecticut's recent corporate layoffs, Noble House Creative Group, a Darien CT based Media Group, partnered with Valpak Connecticut, a leader in print and digital marketing, to bring marketing and advertising jobs back to Connecticut. The concept is to serve local businesses as advertising professionals who have intimate knowledge of the market, which has been lacking in recent years.

Digital media has been outsourced from Connecticut to West Coast companies and elsewhere for nearly a decade now, who then outsource the work abroad. This frequently results in digital content which does not speak to the people who actually live, shop, and work in Connecticut.

— says Patrick Blois, Owner of Valpak Connecticut, serving Hartford and The Shoreline.

Noble House Creative Group and Valpak is one of the first Connecticut partnerships to create a job stimulus of its own.

Sometimes it feels as though Connecticut never fully recovered from the Great Recession. It's our responsibility as a national company who serves the local community to team up with Connecticut business to create jobs and boost the local economy. This will create a sustainable solution to the ongoing problem. Joining forces with Noble House Creative Group has helped create that opportunity.

— states Patrick

The partnership is expected to create jobs for Connecticut based graphic designers, web developers, copywriters and editors, videographers, and social media managers, bringing opportunity to home-grown talent.  For more information please contact Noble House, 203-903-1225 or

SOURCE Noble House Creative Group

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