A/B Testing Social Media Ads: 3 Things to Test

If you feel you’ve got a handle on creating and launching ad campaigns on social media it may be time to start A/B testing! An A/B test takes two ads and compares their success.

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Social Media Advertising – But Make it Fun

So you’ve been advertising with a social media company. Just getting started is something to be proud of! But once you’ve got an understanding of how the process works it’s time to get creative.

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Best Practices on Social Media, and Bad Habits to Leave Behind

Social media is one of the most pivotal marketing tools of today. It gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with individuals from across the globe and when used effectively, can help your business grow beyond its competitors.

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Don’t Underestimate Your Reputation Management

This reputation management story might sound familiar: You have an amazing product, and are delivering an incredible service, but one person has falsely blasted your honest and hardworking company even though you’ve never done business with them.

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The World of Full Funnel Marketing Agencies

Have you heard of Full Funnel Marketing Agencies? They’re getting a lot of positive buzz and for good reason. They have the ability to optimize revenue and leads for their clients with an outstanding success rate. 

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The Best PPC Agency for Your Business

Understanding how Pay-Per-Click works will help you find the best PPC agency for your business and get the results you want.

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Find A Good Digital Marketing Agency!

All too often we have a new client referred to us that is hesitant to take on a new digital marketing agency. They’ve heard great things about us (naturally) but they are cautious because of a disastrous experience with their previous firm.

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Email Marketing Success In A Coronavirus World

If you’d spent the last two months on an island with no phone, no internet, and no television, wouldn’t you be in for a shock when you returned home and discovered how quickly email marketing Connecticut has changed since you’ve been gone.

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