How Can An Instagram Marketing Company Help Your Business?

Why should your business use a Instagram Marketing Company? At a glance Instagram is a fun photo sharing app. But when we look a little deeper, Instagram is in fact a powerful marketing tool that when used correctly can drive traffic to your website and more importantly drive sales for your business.

How is Instagram so powerful? There are a variety of reasons such as the organic posting options, analytics, targeting capability on the ad manager, and A/B testing, to name a few! The more you use Instagram for your business the more you realize managing the organic account alone is a full time effort not to mention managing ad campaigns, analyzing data and strategizing how Instagram will interact with your other marketing efforts. That’s where an Instagram marketing company comes into play. 

When you’re ready to take your Instagram usage to the next level an Instagram Marketing Company becomes a valuable teammate in bringing your marketing goals to life. Below are 3 ways they can help. 

Content Strategy

A content strategy is something that every business needs. Posting on the fly is fine for ephemeral content like Instagram stories or Snapchats but when you’re curating content it should be carefully thought out. So not only should your Instagram Marketing Company help conceptualize a plan they should also be able to make it happen. 

To better understand the level of effort that content requires think of how an influencer posts. Everything in the photo is perfect yet made to look like the woman being photographed has been caught off guard, effortlessly walking across a street. Have you ever tried to recreate that, and it just doesn’t look the same? That’s because that photo was not a candid shot that accidentally looked fabulous… the street was picked out (for the cobblestone), the time of day was intentional (the golden hour) and the outfit was specifically chosen (the colors match the account’s aesthetic). See where we’re going with this? A business’s approach to content needs to be the same. The details you may overlook need to be accounted for. This isn’t just to make a good looking Instagram page, it’s to show a level of professionalism that increases a consumer’s trust in your brand. It doesn’t matter the industry, clean, thoughtfully created content used organically and in ads will help increase brand awareness and help drive sales. 

Reporting Breakdowns

It’s one thing to hop on your Instagram business page and take a look at the demographics and the post analytics, it’s another to know what to do with that information. Reading data, analyzing trends and adjusting strategy is a science! It’s a key service an Instagram Marketing Company will provide their clients. We’re only on point two in this blog post and the work load to improving Instagram for your business is building up. That’s why a team is essential. Posting needs to be great, and reporting needs to be outstanding. That means looking at data continuously and adjusting content and strategy as needed to ensure you’re leveraging your efforts to get the highest return on the time you’re investing. 

Ad Strategies

No one knows your business like you! But no one knows ad strategies like a Digital Ad Strategist, it’s quite literally their job. Having someone to tell you the do’s and don’ts for an ad campaign is the difference between spending money and seeing results and just spending money… and that doesn’t work for any business model! So when you let a marketing agency work on your campaigns you can impart your vision and waste less time on trial error when it comes to the tricks of the trade. 

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Haley Harckham – Noble House Media

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