Influencer Marketing: What Is It?

Influencer marketing began with celebrity product placement and endorsements which often came with a hefty price tag.

Getting people like Brad Pitt to wear a brand’s leather jacket in public could result in a massive lift in sales for the company who paid him to wear it. Over time came social media and it’s meteoric rise in popularity. As social media became a part of our everyday lives popular creators on apps became known as influencers. Influencers are celebrities in the world of social media, with followings ranging from thousands to millions! These popular creators post, tweet, and blog their content in very specific ways to create their brand. An influencer’s brand is everything. To an influencer their brand is a compilation of many factors, such as their aesthetic, the type of content they post, and what type products they endorse (to name a few). The massive followings Influencers have accrued allow them to act as tastemakers and advertisers. 

So how is that good for your brand? Influencers make money through brand endorsements, and an added perk is getting gifted products and experiences. This means that finding an influencer who will endorse your product can result in more sales for your business through social media. At its core influencer marketing is product placement but with better targeting capabilities than you would have with celebrities. Why? Each influencer appeals to specific demographics and interests. For example, if you have an eco-friendly product finding an adventure photographer who writes about the environment might be a great fit. Or if you’re launching a line of kitchen tools, a baking blogger is a no brainer. Not only can you target the type of people you want influencer marketing allows you to cultivate trust in your product. 

How does influencer marketing establish trust in a brand? It’s simple people trust the influencers they follow. Whether it’s a fashionista or a food photographer, influencers have mastered the art of conveying their taste and opinions as desirable and if you market your product with them they are agreeing to tell their following that your brand is trustworthy. 

Influencer marketing on social media has limitless potential to increase a brand’s reach and sales if you know how to strategize! Stay tuned for more on influencer marketing by subscribing to our email.

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