How to Monitor Your Facebook Ad Campaign

You’ve just published a Facebook Ad Campaign…now what? Now it’s time to monitor the campaign to ensure that it is not only performing, but performing well.

There are many reasons your ad may not deliver (stay tuned for a follow up blog post) so it’s important to keep a watchful eye on campaigns (yes it’s work, that’s why there are Social Media Managers!). To help you get started we’ve put together a few helpful metrics to track on your next Facebook Ad Campaign.


One way to judge a campaign’s success is by looking at impressions. What is an impression? Facebook’s definition of an impression is, “The number of times your ads were on screen.” So why are Impressions important? They let you know how many people have viewed your content! So, for example, if you wanted to grow brand awareness you would want to regularly check in on your campaign to make sure it’s getting the impressions you’re looking for. If not, you may want to consider making changes to the campaign.

Cost Per Click 

Cost Per Click or CPC shows how much, on average, each link click costs you. Tracking this metric is essential. CPC is an important metric because each click on your ad adds up in cost! If your CPC is too high, your ROI may suffer. How can you tell if CPC is good or bad? That depends on what your campaign objectives are and what you value a lead at – identifying a reasonable CPC before you launch your campaign will help you understand what would be considered “good” or “bad”. By monitoring your average CPC you’ll be on your way to a more cost effective ad campaign!

Quality Rankings 

Quality ranking explains your ad’s perceived quality compared to ads competing for the same audience. To boil that down, Facebook measures your ad’s quality through various methods (more on that later) and let’s you know how your ad stacks up. Your ad will either be “Below Average”, “Average”, or “Above Average” and will receive this ranking for quality, engagement and conversion. If you see that your ads are consistently Average or Below Average you’ll want to pause your campaign and/or adjust your strategy ASAP. 

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Haley Harckham – Noble House Media

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