How to Merge Social Media Accounts

Whether you’ve acquired a new business or are trying to consolidate your company’s location pages, merging your social media accounts can completely shift your communications strategy.

We get it, mistakes happen, so if you’ve forgotten the password to one of your social media accounts and there is simply no hope of recovery, or an employee created multiple accounts by mistake, merging your social media accounts will minimize customer and employee confusion.

When it comes down to it, if you have multiple social media accounts, it can be hard for both employees and customers to leave positive reviews that attract new customers to your company. Having multiple pages may cause repetitive and conflicting information that can harm your company’s communication strategy and social media presence. So if you are looking to merge some of your accounts, here’s how to do it:

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If your Pages are already on Business Manager, simply follow this link to merge them. However, if you have multiple Facebook Pages for the same thing, you can only merge them if

  • you are an admin of each page separately
  • your pages either have similar names or represent the same thing
  • or if your pages have the same web address

To complete the merge, follow this link and select the pages you wish to merge, and hit “Request Merge.” This will transfer all of your followers from the duplicate page to the new one so you have a central place for your Facebook activity.

If by chance you have more than one Facebook account, which goes against Facebook’s Community standards, Facebook does not offer the ability to merge the accounts. You will have to download all the information from the page you wish to remove and then delete the duplicate account. Unfortunately, this will not transfer your followers, but it will help consolidate your brand in the long run.


As of now, you cannot merge two accounts on Instagram. However, you can go back and forth between up to five accounts. Similar to Facebook, if you wish to consolidate your brand, you will have to delete any duplicate accounts and redirect the followers to the one you wish to keep using.

If you wish to keep the content from one of your duplicate accounts, simply download the old posts from the merged page and reschedule them through a third-party app such as Hootsuite or Later to be posted on the main account.


Similar to Instagram, Twitter currently does not offer a way to merge multiple Twitter accounts into one that transfers the Tweets and followers from one account to the other. You will have to close down any unused accounts or consider rebranding them. As with Instagram, you may want to download the old content, delete the account, and reschedule the posts on the main account.


To merge multiple LinkedIn pages, the Super Admin must contact LinkedIn’s support team. To do so, you must be an admin of both pages, the pages must either be duplicates or divisional Pages for the same company, there must be more than 100 employees associated with the Page being merged, and the names on both Pages must match.

If you have met these four criteria, reach out to LinkedIn using this link. Then, identify which pages are being merged and which should be the primary page, the reason for the merge, the URLs of the pages, and the company names exactly as they appear on the pages. Then, LinkedIn will review your request and either then approve the merge or deny it.


As with Instagram and Twitter, you currently cannot merge Pinterest accounts. You will have to choose which account to keep, deactivate the old account, and transfer the content. To transfer pins from one account to the other, you must save each pin from the old account to the main account.


TikTok does not let you merge accounts at this time, but it does allow you to toggle back and forth between up to five accounts. To do so, open the TikTok app, click on your username at the top, and either select “Add account” to add an existing account or to create a new account.


YouTube does not allow you to merge separate channels, but you can download old videos off of one account and upload them to your main account. All metrics including watch time will reset on the new uploads. Once you’ve downloaded the old videos off of one account, simply close down the account permanently or elect to hide your channel temporarily.

To hide your channel, log in to YouTube Studio and select “Channel” under the Setting menu. Select “Advance Settings” and then select “Remove YouTube content.” YouTube will then ask if you wish to delete your channel or whether you want to hide its content and block viewers from discovering your content until you re-enable the channel.

We’ve laid it out for you, but if you’re looking for help merging your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or TikTok pages, Noble House would love to help reconfigure your social networks. If you are looking to merge any other social media platforms not mentioned above, one of our social media specialists has you covered! Get in touch with our team at Noble House through our Contact Us page.

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