How to Find a Branding Agency

You may have an existing company or are creating a roll out strategy for your new startup. Either way branding your company well is essential. It all begins with a great plan and a very thorough understanding of how to create a brand.

We’ve put together 3 questions to ask a prospective branding agency to make sure they’re up for the challenge!

  1. Do they have experience launching brands?
    Having a team that is versed in the first steps toward developing a brand is imperative. More frequently you’ll find branding agencies that are experienced in rebranding but the creation of a brand is a whole different animal. Your brand is the foundation of all marketing efforts so working with people who understand the process can save you time and money and ultimately prevent a need to rebrand in the near future.
  2. Do they have the resources to create your branding material?
    Developing a brand is a highly involved process that takes time and attention. When selecting your branding agency you’ll want to know that they have designers who know the importance of branding design. They should also have strategists and developers on staff to ensure your projects aren’t being outsourced.
  3. Can this branding agency transition from branding to advertising?
    By the time your brand is developed you will have spent countless hours learning and creating with your branding agency. In an ideal world you shouldn’t need to teach a new group of people to take on a launch. Be sure the branding agency who handles your brand development and branding design can then transition into advertising and promotions to allow for a seamless and efficient launch.

Finding the right branding agency can have a huge impact upon your business. Take the time to ask questions and be sure that who you decide to work with understands your goals and vision.

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Haley Harckham, Noble House Media

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