Frequently Asked Questions for Social Media

Social Media FAQs

Oftentimes people think social media is easy, until they try it for themselves. There is a lot to know about the ever changing world of social media and the Noble House team is here to help. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions our team gets so that you can have all the answers in one place. Have a question we don’t answer? Get in touch with one of our social media managers through our contact page.

How Often Should I Post?
There’s no perfect answer for this question. The ideal situation would be one excellent post a day on Instagram and Facebook. Two to three posts a week on LinkedIn and Twitter. Plus additional time spent on each network responding to comments, and engaging with your following. But what’s more important is putting out quality content. Quality trumps quantity every time but your followers do want to see something. So try setting a reasonable cadence for posting. If you only have time to post to Facebook once a week, do that but hold yourself to it.
How Do You Use a Hashtag?
Hashtags are used to categorize your posts and increase their visibility. People use hashtags to show the topic of a post, to place a post in a certain location or to more broadly categorize their content. When posting try to stick to 5-10 hashtags. If you don’t use enough hashtags you're limiting your post’s ability to get discovered organically online. If you use too many you can make your brand see spammy. Stick to a handful of relevant and meaningful hashtags.
Do I Really Need All Social Platforms?
Your business doesn’t need to be on every social media platform but it helps to reach a wider audience. The first question to ask is, who do you want to see your content? If it’s a person who sits in the 20-50 age bracket you may want to use Instagram and Facebook. While if you were trying to reach a much younger demographic (say 10-15 year old) you may want to give Snapchat a try. All of this to say, which platforms you use are directly related to your target audience and your ability to create quality content for them.
What is a Boost and is That Different From an Ad?
A boost is Facebook’s answer to quickly getting a post in front of a lot of people. A boost is different from a Facebook ad in the level of targeting and customization you can use. In the long run using the Facebook Ad Manager is a much better tool for spending money because you’ll have a greater say in how and where the ad is delivered.
Why Can’t I See My Own Ads?
This question takes the cake for “most frequently asked” and for good reason. Often when people are ready to start spending money on social media ads they are concerned when they don’t see them on their social profiles. This is because social media ads are pay per click or pay per impression (based on how they’re set up). So when an ad doesn’t show it’s not a sign that things aren’t going as planned. You’ll just need to look in the ad manager to view progress.

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