Facebook Marketing Company: Creating Target Audiences

A Facebook marketing company can help in a number of ways but one of the most important ways is with the creation of a well balanced target audience.

A bad target audience can take an ad campaign with great potential and destroy it! However when a Facebook marketing company takes the time to research, and thoughtfully create an audience for your ad campaign you’ll see a positive difference in ROI and conversions.

So if you’re not familiar with the term, “target audience”, aka an audience, we’ll break it down for you. An audience is the group of people you would like to sell your product or service to. They are defined by interest, location, age, gender, hobbies pretty much all the common factors your customers share. When ads are being sent through Facebook and Instagram an audience is an important feature that allows you to decide which people will receive your message.

So why does an audience have such an important role in an ad campaign? The answer is quite long but the quick version is that when you know who should be seeing your ad (like really know the buyer persona) Facebook and other advertising platforms are able to deliver the ad at a lower cost per click resulting in your brand getting better and more effective exposure at a lower cost. That’s huge. 

To help visualize what a good target audience looks like take a look at the image below. When you don’t know your audience well enough and try to reach a large broad audience you’re heading in the wrong direction. When you have too many niche details in your audience you’re backing yourself into a corner and hurting your campaign. Finding a balanced combination  of targeting details such as, interests, locations, income levels, etc. results in a target audience that can reach people who will actually benefit from seeing your ads.

facebook-marketing-companyA perfect audience isn’t just a matter of balancing out details there are a lot of variable factors that need to be tested. When a Facebook marketing company creates an audience they must also consider the fact that they can’t be sure how an audience will perform until it’s tested.

So how does the audience get tested? Through an A/B testing strategy. A/B testing allows marketers to isolate a variable in a test too measure the impact of a change compared to the control group. For example if a clothing store always targeted teenage girls, ages 15 – 19 with an interest in shopping, let’s call that Audience A. That same store would want to test Audience A against an alternative audience, Audience B.

To truly understand what changes are most impactful the marketer would change just one variable to create the second audience, in this case targeting teenage girls, ages 12-15 with an interest in shopping. By adjusting the age the advertising team is able to learn more about what age their consumers are. Pretty cool!

As you can imagine this process opens itself up to endless possibilities which we consider a good thing. The ever changing landscape of social media marketing gives businesses the chance to keep learning new ways of reaching their consumers. An audience in particular is a great tool that can be leveraged in other marketing efforts.

How can a well tailored target audience help outside of social media? In an ideal world a business’s marketing efforts are streamlined, meaning they all work together towards the same goal. So when one branch of a marketing campaign discovers valuable information such as an effective target audience, that information can help improve the whole campaign.

Knowing what interests potential consumers share, what locations they live in, or what income brackets they reside within comes together to inform things like design, copy, and user journeys. Let’s break it down:

  • Design can be tailored to a target audience while remaining on brand. Say you found out that your customers are young women with an interest in Marie Kondo? That might tell a designer that minimalist design with earth tones is the direction they should head in.
  • Copy can be adjusted just like design. Trying to reach Gen X? A copy writer might pick a more formal voice for the next email campaign. Does your target audience have an interest in satirical websites like The Onion? Adding levity to copy could captivate them and be the difference between a blog that gets read and a blog that gets overlooked. See where we’re going?
  • User journey is huge for making online sales. Where a person lands on a website and what they expect to see are pivotal moments in their interaction with your brand. Any and all information you can collect to make that experience seamless is going to help conversions and create a great ROI from your marketing spend.

As you can see the effects of a target audience are far reaching. So next time you’re getting started on a campaign be sure to pay special attention to who your audience is.

Why work with a Facebook marketing company? Because everything we just went through is a science! Strategizing, planning, testing and executing marketing initiatives takes a team. Want to learn about how Noble House can help? Visit us online at noblehousemedia.com or get in touch through our contact page here.

Haley Harckham – Noble House Media

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