Email Marketing Success In A Coronavirus World

If you’d spent the last two months on an island with no phone, no internet, and no television, wouldn’t you be in for a shock when you returned home and discovered how quickly email marketing Connecticut has changed since you’ve been gone.

It’s taken less than 60 days for the COVID-19 health crisis to turn much of the world on its head, and there’s no clear-cut path to recovery anytime soon. Businesses are shuttered, millions of workers have been furloughed or dismissed, schools are closed, and some of the largest cities in the U.S. are deserted as states try to suppress the spread of the virus.

So, if you’re a digital marketing agency in Connecticut, how do you help clients whose businesses have been hobbled by the worldwide pandemic, or if their businesses remain open, how do you create new interest or keep their company relevant as the health crisis persists?

At Noble House Media, we are working with our clients each day to promote and grow their businesses even as the ground beneath our feet shifts from one day to the next. What was relevant for email marketing Connecticut on Monday, may be different on Tuesday. It’s the environment every business is facing now.

Our goal as a digital marketing agency in the coming months is to help our clients as much as possible. We are trying to provide services that can help. If that means offering some reduction in costs, more services than a contract stipulates, brainstorming sessions, or more compassionate content writing, Noble House is doing what it can for our clients.

Because of the health crisis, our email marketing Connecticut attention has shifted. Information and messaging has replaced promotion and sales. Clients are staying in contact with customers through email, using their email campaigns to get out information about closures, new stores hours, curbside services, in-store protocols and much more.

Noble House is being more diligent about staying in touch with our clients, reaching out weekly via email, phone or text messaging to offer our help. When conferring with clients, we’re trying to focus on what will work best in the next 10-14 days, not what will work best in the next 6 months.

Content writing for our email marketing Connecticut clients is also being scrutinized. Are our emails showing the right empathy when targeting the email recipients of our clients, is the tone in concert with the company’s messaging, is the content relevant to the ever-changing health situation, and are the services being offered in the email going to benefit the recipients that are being targeted?

All those questions are being asked daily at Noble House. With most of the traditional sources of business engagement (trade shows, conventions, conferences) canceled or gone altogether, a nimble digital marketing agency must find customers where they are spending most of their time, and right now, that’s at home.

Noble House is taking chances to make sure it succeeds, and we’re doing it by thinking of or finding unconventional ways to help our clients grow their business. There are no bad ideas now because the playing field of normal business has changed too much.

Thomas McClure – Noble House Media

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