Find A Good Digital Marketing Agency!

All too often we have a new client referred to us that is hesitant to take on a new digital marketing agency. They’ve heard great things about us (naturally) but they are cautious because of a disastrous experience with their previous firm.
The client may have discovered that they were being overcharged, or being fed inaccurate reports, or receiving poor service, and now they believe “all marketing agencies are the same”. Fortunately, that’s not always the case. 

I’ll tell you why. When you step through the doors of Noble House Media you’ll find what a good digital marketing agency stands for. 

Here are 3 simple steps to take when you’re looking for a firm that can take your business to the next level:

They are available.

From the moment you make that first phone call and walk through the door, you should be looking for friendly, genuine and knowledgeable in-house staff. Are their representatives speaking with you to see if they could be a good fit, or are they eyeballing your wallet and promising the moon? Are they responsive throughout the workweek, or will you have to wait months before you hear back from them? If you suddenly have an emergency and your website is down, will they be reachable personally via the phone, or will you have to email a support group in another country who replies from saying “Please be patient, as it may take 2-4 business days for our team to get back to you.”

When your personal and company brand is on the line, you want a local digital marketing agency who is available. Fortunately for you, the best customer service in Connecticut is just a phone call away. 

They can deliver.

So you’ve heard their pitch – “In one year we can increase your revenue threefold”. That’s all very good, and very easy to say – but delivering is another story entirely. Before you decide to engage with a digital marketing agency to try and develop your business, you need to make sure you’ve come to the right people. Do they have a proven track record? Do they have case studies available? Are there other clients they’ve performed these services for who can vouch for their quality of service? Do they have strong, trustworthy referrals? 

This isn’t to discount your small freelancer who’s starting from the beginning – that’s where successful companies begin, after all. But it is to say that when you’re delegating part of your brand to an external party, make sure you go with people that can deliver. 

Their reports are transparent.

Imagine signing up for a “full-suite package” and then not hearing back from your new partner company for months. Appalling! You would have no way of being able to tell if progress is being made. Your time might have been better spent writing your company details on post-its and throwing them into the wind. 

Or worse yet, your new company’s reporting is frequent, but you have no way of knowing that the information you’re being presented with is real. Where are they getting the data from? Are the sources easily verifiable? Are you being provided with “proprietary dashboards” to log into at any time? If so, that’s a red flag! 

Watch out for these “dashboards”. Bad companies can simply tweak the information to make it seem like things are going great, only for you to discover after you’ve switched companies that that’s not the case at all. 

When customers have direct access to their Email Marketing Software, their Google Adwords Account, their Facebook Account, and they are being provided the tools and know-how to navigate these services independently? You’ve found a winner. 

Schedule a call with a Noble House team member today to speak with Connecticut’s foremost digital marketing experts. 

Timothy McDermott – Noble House Media

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