Darien CT Kicks Off Th!nk Smart Before You Start Safety Campaign

Darien CT, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021

Darien is encouraging you to Th!nk Smart Before You Start.

The town and the Darien Police Department have collaborated on an awareness campaign to encourage vehicle users to be more aware of pedestrians and cyclists as they share the local roadways. The goal of the town-wide campaign is to reduce or eliminate accidents that involve drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Residents will start seeing Th!nk Smart Before You Start banners displayed at schools and on buildings; stickers will be showing up on the windows of stores, homes, and cars; and flyers promoting the campaign will soon arrive in mailboxes throughout the town.

Darien Police Chief Don Anderson, Police Commissioner Brent Hayes, Selectman Sarah Neumann and Darien Superintendent of Schools Alan Addley kicked off the campaign at Middlesex Middle School early Wednesday morning.

Anderson presented a banner to Middlesex Principal Karolyn Rodriguez while Darien police officers Mark Capelli and Lou Moura distributed stickers to parents in the parking area as they dropped off their children alongside Darien Parent Teacher Organization co-chairs Carol Kennedy and Amy O’Kane.

Hayes, who has spearheaded the campaign with town officials, said the campaign has been a team effort involving the Board of Selectmen, members of the Representative Town Meeting, Darien public schools, and the Darien Police Department. Hayes also acknowledged the Darien Police Association, which made a sizable donation to fund the campaign.

“I hope that residents will take a moment this holiday season to reflect on their driving habits and be alert to pedestrians who are in the road or in the crosswalks in town,” Hayes said. “Many of us are working from home and the roads are being used by more residents than ever before.”

Anderson said the police department has been proud to partner with the town and the police association on the campaign.

“It is truly the cooperation and collaboration between a public safety agency and the public we serve that makes for a safe community,” Anderson said. “As we celebrate the holiday season, please drive safely, be considerate and be aware of all non-vehicle roadway users.”

First Selectman Monica McNally said she wants residents to be more focused on their driving and be more courteous when they share the road.

“I know that we are all leading exceedingly busy lives, which often has us rushing from one place in town to another,” McNally said. “As your First Selectman, your safety and the safety of all that live, work, and visit our town is a priority so this awareness program is dedicated to reminding us that many people are sharing the road.”

Selectman Sarah Neumann, who has worked with Hayes since the effort was initially conceived, said she hopes the annual campaign makes drivers more vigilant during the entire year.

“As the number of daylight hours and road conditions decrease late in the year, drivers need to be more vigilant to make sure walkers and cyclists are safe on our roadways,” Neumann said. “But we need to be more concerned about the safety of each other all year.”

For more details please visit: www.thinksmartdarien.com

Image caption information: Darien Police Chief Don Anderson and Darien Selectman Sarah Neumann hold a Th!nk Smart Before You Start banner that will be displayed at Middlesex Middle School.

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