Connecticut Tech Company to give Staff Friday Afternoons Off

DARIEN, CT, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2021 -- The work of a digital marketer can include long hours during the week, and even a few hours on many weekends too.

But for employees at the Connecticut digital marketing company Noble House Media, the weekends will get started a little earlier this summer.

The well-being of my team is important! We work a lot of long hours, so I’m hoping a little more time off makes everyone a little happier and keeps us more attentive when we have to be.

— Noble House Media CEO Peter Belbita

Noble House Founder and CEO Peter Belbita has announced that work will end for employees at 1 p.m. on Fridays beginning June 4, and continue through the final Friday in August. Employees already work remotely each Friday, but Belbita said the half-day schedule on Fridays will be an opportunity for his staff to re-charge mentally and physically.

Noble House Media

“We all enjoy the beach, so this is an opportunity for us to spend a little more time away from our desks and computers and do some of the things that we really enjoy,’’ Belbita said.

There are many studies that show employee productivity dips significantly during the summer months. Employees are less focused on work because they have an approaching vacation or a fun getaway planned.

Businesses in the Northeast traditionally see a slowdown in late July and most of August because that’s when people in the region take their vacations, Belbita says. But he also acknowledges that allowing his employees to work a half-day on Fridays is a bit of an experiment. Belbita wants to see if a little more time off results in better productivity during the week from his staff.

Thomas McClure
Noble House Media

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