Butler Pushes Growth At A Royal Flush

BRIDGEPORT, Conn.March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tim Butler was a founding member of A Royal Flush in 1992. During the first 24 years, he served primarily in a supporting role as the company grew into one of the largest and most well-recognized portable restroom companies in the Northeast.

Everything suddenly changed in April 2017 when the company's principal owner, Bill Malone, unexpectedly passed away and the Bridgeport, Conn.-based business needed a new leader.

Butler stepped in to fill the leadership vacuum, officially becoming A Royal Flush's principal owner on Jan. 1, 2018. In 13 shorts months, Butler has initiated $2 million in capital improvements, revamped the company's sales and service teams and presided over company-wide safety changes that were instituted to protect A Royal Flush's workforce and client base.

Tim Butler, founding member of A Royal Flush

Those changes go hand in hand with A Royal Flush's steady growth. The company is headquartered in Bridgeport but has satellite locations in New YorkNew JerseyMassachusetts, and Pennsylvania, making it a regional leader in the portable restroom industry.

"So far, everything we're doing has been very challenging yet very fulfilling," Butler said of his new role. "We're trying to move the company forward and keep it growing."

What made Butler decide to step up and become the face of A Royal Flush? Much of the credit, Butler says, belongs to employees who urged him to take over after Malone's death.

"There were a number of employees who came forward, asking me to keep the company going," Butler said. "Many of them didn't want the company to be sold and wanted (the management team) to invest in the company's growth."

Butler has put those suggestions into action. The company has invested in new trucks and new portable restrooms, repaired and renovated older trucks and upgraded existing trailer units at a cost of about $2 million.

Inside the company's headquarters, Butler has presided over changes to the sales team and the service department.

"We worked on changing some attitudes and committed ourselves to better customer service," Butler said. "So far it's working. We've seen a 180-degree turnaround in customer service. We had one of our best service years ever."

In sales, Butler credits Chris Callaghan, the company's Vice President of Sales, with expanding the special-event and construction sales while also growing the company's regional vision. Callaghan already has A Royal Flush poised to continue its expansion further north into Massachusetts, east onto Long Island and further west into more counties in Pennsylvania, Butler said.

While A Royal Flush seeks to expand, Butler said it's important for the company to stay connected with the Fairfield County community and clients that have supported the company for years.

A Royal Flush will continue to support the annual Black Rock Food Pantry food drive in Bridgeport, continue to provide services at the Miles for a Mission charity run in Stamford, Conn., and continue to partner with the New York Road Runners to support that organization's events in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.

Supporting local charities and events raises the company's profile and keeps employees involved in the communities where they work, Butler said.

"We like to think of our employees as family," Butler said. "(Our employees) are the engine that drives the company. We want our team to be happy working here and involved in the quality and growth of the company."

Butler also stressed the importance of A Royal Flush staying focused on the company's bread and butter, a continued presence at local events and construction sites, large and small.

"That's our core business," Butler said. "While we want to grow internally and externally, we have to focus on what we do best."

With six service hubs throughout the Northeast, more than 10,000 portable toilets, 60 restroom trailers and 80 service trucks, A Royal Flush is positioned to continue to be a leading supplier of portable toilets and restroom trailers in the region and provide its customers with superior service, the latest advances in equipment, and a philosophy of exceeding expectations.

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