Full Funnel Marketing Agency: How They Attract Customers

The concept of funnel marketing serves to convert potential leads into engaged customers. In this article, we’ll identify what a funnel marketing agency really does and talk about the benefits that come with choosing to work with one. 

Let’s start with the basics: What is funnel marketing? And how can it help your business?

Funnel marketing is a method of marketing that captures potential leads by casting a wide net, through a series of marketing efforts to push  potential leads to customers. 

How can this help your business? A digital marketing funnel is a highly effective way to sift through large groups of people to find valuable clients. 

What is the sequence of funnel marketing? 

There are three main areas of the funnel marketing approach: awareness, consideration and conversions. 

Awareness is the first step in any funnel marketing series. This is also referred to as “the top of the funnel”. At this stage potential customers are being introduced to a brand. It is here where a variety of marketing techniques can be used, such as Facebook ads, email marketing using purchased or curated lists, Google ads, etc. 

Consideration comes second. This is where a lead is pursued with more pushy or direct marketing tactics. At this point remarketing tools such as a Facebook Pixel or the Google Tag are used to ensure that people who have visited the website or engaged with the social media pages are being delivered ads repeatedly to keep your brand top of mind. 

Now it’s time for conversions. A conversion is defined based on the campaign, and what products or services are targeted. 

For example if you sell shirts, a conversion would be checking out online. If you are a service provider, an example of a conversion could be defined as requesting a quote. At this stage in the funnel marketing efforts are their most aggressive and persuasive with use of special offers or human outreach. 

What role do funnel marketing agencies play in maintaining that sequence? 

A marketing agency plays a vital role in maintaining a funnel marketing strategy. Many can be misled to believe that this system is “fully automated” or something you can “set and forget”. A funnel requires constant maintenance and attention. Let’s break up the agency’s role into four key jobs: Setup, Monitoring, Reporting and Adjusting Strategy. 


Setting up a funnel is the foundation for a campaign so it must be done with the utmost care. At this point an expert team can be the difference between making small mistakes that will cost a client big bucks or not! Some of the many things that need to be set up include ad accounts, tracking methods, metrics for success and much more. 


While the funnel is running it’s time for the agency to watch it like a hawk. Small changes on third party platforms can affect campaign performance. For example, should a new rule be put in place on Facebook, an experienced agency will make sure it won’t affect your ad delivery. They’ll also monitor things like cost per click, click through rate and budget spend to ensure your budget is being used to its full potential. 


When it’s time to reflect on a campaign’s success it can be complicated. With so many ways to measure success a full funnel marketing agency proves to be an invaluable tool at analyzing metrics and understanding what patterns mean and how it all translates into next steps. 

Adjusting Strategy:

When the data is in it’s time to adjust strategies. Even if something is running smoothly an agency will push campaigns so that they’re getting the best possible results. It may require updating creative strategies, heat mapping the website, leveraging additional marketing services – the list goes on. Strategies evolve and a marketing agency’s sole responsibility is to keep improving them so their clients can see success. 

Noble House Media is a full funnel marketing agency that has decades of experience working in both sales and marketing. And has delivered great results for all of its clients. The Noble House team of experts provides guidance to you and your business to ensure no aspect of the funnel process is overlooked. 


Haley Harckham – Noble House Media

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